This is the website of Tom S Juzek. This is me.

I am a computational linguist with an interest in the nature of morpho-syntactic knowledge, how it interacts with other linguistic layers like semantics, and how this can be modelled.

Early 2016, I have finished my DPhil/PhD at the University of Oxford, with a focus on experimental syntax and computational linguistics. My supervisors were Prof Mary Dalrymple (Oxford) and Dr Greg Kochanski (Google). The title of my thesis is Acceptability Judgement Tasks and Grammatical Theory". You can find it here: [link]. If you are interested in any of my other works, but cannot find it online, then just pop me an email. My email address is tom.juzek(47)posteo.net.

After the PhD, I went to Nuance Communications, where I worked as a language engineer for a while. Currently, I am a PostDoc position in the SFB 1102 at Saarland University, working with Prof Elke Teich.

For further details, incl. contact details, work experience, skills, and publications, see my CV: [link]. A shorter, industry-like CV can be found here: [link].

By popular demand: Here are the links to the blog entry on the TOST [link] and to the TOST calculator [link].

last updated: 12 June 2019